Landscaping can be a very broad term unless a company does it all...

seat wall

Take a look at our gallery of recent projectsLandscaping, lawn care, sod, lawn maintenance, etc. many of the terms used are interchangeable, that is unless someone doesn't do some of it. 

Not all "lawn care" services can install sod and even fewer can handle an irrigation system to keep it lush and green.  Need some shrubbery and trees to add beauty and privacy?  Seasonal Concepts can do that.  In fact when it comes to taking care of your home or business, there is very little that we can't take care of.

Let's say that you have your beautiful thriving well maintained green spaces but there's no place equally as pleasing to relax and enjoy it? Seasonal Concepts, Inc. also specializes in paver patios, accent walls, stone walls, custom fire pits, and landscape lighting to allow you to really have a showpiece that you call home.  

The nicest part of all of this?  There's only one number you need to dial 630-302-1009 and one of our associates will be happy to schedule a time to come meet with you.

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