Commercial Services

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Since we started the company in 1998, we have seen a steady increase in annual projects and revenue due to expanding our commercial construction and maintenance divisions to meet our customers expanding needs.   

Our quality and pricing points have remained extremely competitive in every aspect of what we do. We are constantly improving practices and upgrading equipment to help keep the operation as efficient as possible. What sets us apart with our commercial services is our safety track record and promptness  -- from start to finish – of the needs of our commercial clients.   With hundreds of clients that we have worked for throughout the years, our best marketing comes from them – the referrals to their colleague’s is the greatest compliment.    Having Seasonal Concepts return on a regular basis because we can handle all they throw at us, is a close second.   It’s a barometer that we use to measure not only the success of each project, but the impact we have on the people that need the work done.    

Sometimes the biggest impact we have is one that you cannot see.   Sometimes going unnoticed is the best way.   Our regular clients know that we will work for them 24/7 if need be.   To keep their facilities safe and productive, an 8 – 5 work day isn’t always the best option.   We regularly work overnight and weekends if needed to make sure facilities are safe, secure, or projects are completed on time without lost production.    If – yes IF – there is an extra cost because of night or weekends, this is almost always offset by creating more efficient means to completing the projects.   Many times, it will be at our suggestion – no additional cost – to do so.   This is just one of many ways we have been able to help our commercial clients stay on track and on budget.   In essence, we become their partner.   Building these relationships from the ground up has been very important to our success.    We will always find a way.  

To complete these projects is great – but to do it SAFELY, is another.    We have not ever burdened our clients with safety or liability issues, and do not plan on starting anytime soon.   We have learned some of the best practices from the people we have worked for.   To constantly update and upgrade our efforts only seems like the right thing to do for everyone.   Our one goal every year is ZERO incidents.  

To create a culture that everyone expects this is not easy, but it’s the only way we know.    Again, some of the impact we have is what you cannot see.   There is not a price to put on having your job done Safely – and adding Promptly, and Efficiently only make it better.   Come check us out for yourself, seeing is believing.