Safety, safety, safety

Nobody likes to get hurt, either as an athletic participant, or as a spectator. Practically every sport played on an athletic field has some level of risk associated with it, and while a hundred percent safety can't be guaranteed, it can be maximized.

Whether you have an existing field or are planning the installation of a new facility, choosing an expert and planning is critical. The experts at Seasonal Concepts have the training and experience to assess your project and formulate a comprehensive plan to provide safe facilities and limiting your liability for injuries. 

By being through and by utilizing a seasonal maintenance program problem areas can be identified and addressed before accidents happen. Some common problems can be things like uneven surfaces, bare spots and rocks, improper drainage, raised sprinkler heads, lack of safety netting, etc.
Our experts proactively identify and formulate a plan of action to eliminate areas of concern while working with you on a budget that everyone can work with. Injuries are going to happen, but by working with a skilled, professional organization that  specializes in athletic fields, preventable field related injuries can be a thing of the past.