Spring 2013 - Flooding and how to prevent flood damage

As we near the end of April, we are hoping, more than ever, that the never-ending "April Showers" will indeed bring us and abundance of "May Flowers" as the saying has taught us.  

The reality is that we have had one of the wettest and coldest Springs in recent memory.   The good behind the grey skies is that we do indeed need to replenish the ground water supply that was diminished in the drought of 2012, but the storms, the flooding and the constant cold have really put a halt on all of our serotonin production as we get closer to what is suppose to be Summer!    

Those "100 Year" major storms seem to be rolling through about every 6 months these days and the extreme weather patterns have seem to become the new normal (I guess we blame global warming!!).   With these recent events, we wanted to remind all of our regular and potential clients that we have many, many years of experience in flood prevention.   We can provide a customized plan to give you the best chances to avoid water damage to your home or business.  

Many problems are very simple - maybe just adding a drainage line for your sump pump or burying the downspouts to keep water from encroaching or building up near the house may be sufficient.  We have encountered a huge increase in parks and athletic field flooding or saturation this Spring.     These drainage issues often have simple solutions as well but were left out of the installation process for one reason or another.   Other problems may be more difficult, but it will always be a better outcome to make these changed now than avoiding those inevitable flood waters.   There are few disasters worse than flooding, and the power of water to do its damage cannot be measured.  Actually it can, and the words associated with mass flooding are usually measured in the BILLIONS (as in damage).  

Please contact us to get your FREE consultation on how you could further protect yourself from these natural disasters.  If you have had recent flooding, there is even a greater chance it will happen again.   Seasonal Concepts will provide you with a plan to keep the threat of water away from your home, business, park or any other property; and give you a piece of mind.  

Call or email us now for special rates for your 2013 drainage projects.